Sell more books. Spend more time writing. 

I'm a writer. I know it can be a lonely job sometimes. But it doesn't have to be! An author assistant is a multi-functional helper, there to aid you with whichever parts of the writing business you'd prefer not to do.



I will work with you to decide upon a custom list of tasks I can take off your plate, freeing you up to write more, read more, and live a more balanced life.

For you I will:    

Create promotional graphics in Photoshop

Design and execute online advertising (facebook, amazon, or anywhere else you would like to advertise)

Organize and send newsletters

Design and order author swag and other promotional items

Develop and maintain an ARC book review team

Update your squarespace website


$35 per hour

(Minimum of 5 hours per month) 

Can be combined with editing services. Please contact me for a personalized quote.