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The Gate and the Garden

Sarah Linden has a comfortable life: a steady job, a cozy apartment, and coworkers that genuinely care about her. The only problem? She longs for something beyond comfort.

One day on her lunch break, having retreated to her favorite city park, Sarah notices a single, iridescent rose peeking out between the bars of the imposing wrought iron gates at the back of the park. She follows it into a strange, beautiful garden where she meets a handsome stranger named Oren. Except, when she turns around, her gate is gone and she’s trapped in the fairy tale kingdom of Verdinia.

To reclaim her life, Sarah must work with Oren, and the mysterious young king, Ash, to discover the secrets of the gate, and learn if it’s connected to the recent awakening of mythical beasts within the kingdom. Mythical beasts that might just lead Verdinia, and the surrounding kingdoms, to the brink of war.

Will Sarah find her way home? And, with Ash and Oren competing for her affections, will she even want to?

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Air Pirate

Townsman thief-for-hire, Darien North, survives a crash landing when his airship explodes over hostile Woodsman territory. He even manages to ingratiate himself to members of the tribe that finds him, including a beautiful girl with wild hair and deadly archery skills. For the first time in his life, Darien starts to feel at home. But his happiness is cut short when the Town’s commissioner blackmails him into stealing a secret heirloom from the Woodsman tribes.

After years of being a loner, Darien is forced to choose between competing loyalties: friends or family, woods or town. And when he learns of an old, deadly weapon that could put all of humanity at risk, he must decide what—or whom—he’s willing to sacrifice to save them all.