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The Quill and the Quest

Book 2 of the Verdinia Chronicles

Oren Homefield knows what he’s doing. He has a good job, a handsome face, a long, magical horn, and a budding relationship with the unusual and otherworldly Sarah Linden.

Until King Ash goes and screws it all up by proposing to Sarah at the Spring Festival.
Now, Oren has to compete against a king for his lady’s affections, and the resulting insecurity affects his ability to use his most powerful gifts, leaving his friends in danger. Which is bad timing because the king sends him on a perilous quest to the kingdom of Cyanica to learn more about the other “gate girl” and deliver a message to King Meoden.

But there are surprises in store for Oren that will not only force him to confront his struggling abilities, but also make him question his entire identity.

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Air Pirate

Townsman thief-for-hire, Darien North, survives a crash landing when his airship explodes over hostile Woodsman territory. He even manages to ingratiate himself to members of the tribe that finds him, including a beautiful girl with wild hair and deadly archery skills. For the first time in his life, Darien starts to feel at home. But his happiness is cut short when the Town’s commissioner blackmails him into stealing a secret heirloom from the Woodsman tribes.

After years of being a loner, Darien is forced to choose between competing loyalties: friends or family, woods or town. And when he learns of an old, deadly weapon that could put all of humanity at risk, he must decide what—or whom—he’s willing to sacrifice to save them all.