Realize your writing's potential

Congratulations on finishing your book! You’ve accomplished something only a small percentage of writers do.

So, now what?

It’s time to edit, of course! When you’ve done as much self-editing as you can stomach, it’s time to pass off the baton to a professional. I would be honored and thrilled to take that baton.

I offer 4 types of edits:

Content/Developmental Edits - $.009/word

This is the first, most crucial stage in the professional editing process. I will read through your book, paying special attention to plot and sub-plot development, character arcs, point of view issues, consistency, timing, and anything else that needs revision. I will also do one round of light line editing as I read through.

I edit in MS Word and make comments and suggestions throughout the manuscript. I will also write up a letter addressing any bigger, more general plot concerns and email that to you along with your edited manuscript.

Line Edits/Proofreading - $.006/word

Line edits are where I delve into the nitty gritty details of your book. I will make note of any sentences or word choices that are awkward, confusing, or incomplete, and I’ll give you suggestions on how to make your writing flow more smoothly. I will also check for grammar, punctuation, and typos. Sometimes I will write up little “grammar love notes” in the comments section, where I’ll expand on my reason for a change or suggestion. If you are a self-published author, you always have the final say on whether you want to incorporate an edit or not. So I aim to provide you with plenty of information to help you make those decisions.

Critique - $.005/word

Not ready for an in-depth, line by line edit? No problem. You can hire me for a critique. I’ll read through your manuscript and send you an analysis of your characters, feedback on the plot, and ideas for any areas that might need further development. This is a great option for if you’re stuck halfway though a novel and need some advice on where to go with it. Or if you’ve completed your first draft and are worried it’s missing something.

The critique includes no in-line edits or markups. I will email you an editing letter detailing my analysis and ideas.

Intensive Edits - $.02/word

This is the ultimate level of editing for any project, especially if you are a new author looking to perfect your first novel, or an experienced writer working on a new series or genre.

Intensive edits are a combo of the other edits I offer and include up to 4 rounds of editing:

For the first round, I will read through your book and address big-picture issues such as plot, character development, and any stylistic issues that may arise. Once completed, I will send you your manuscript back with comments as well as an editing letter.

In the second round, I will read through your book again and reassess where your story is developmentally. If it is well-developed at this stage, I will also do a round of line edits.

In the third round, I will do more developmental edits if needed, and dig into the line edits.

In the fourth round, I’ll do more line editing and fine tuning, as well as a final proofread.

You can hire me for any combination of these edits. The pricing for each includes one round of edits (except for the intensive edits which includes 4 rounds) and feedback. Typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks from the scheduled start date, depending on the length.

If you aren’t sure which level or combination of editing is right for you, please contact me and tell me a little bit about your project.

How it works

If you’re interested in booking an edit with me, please hit the “reserve” button below and tell me a little bit about your book, including length, genre, if it’s part of a series, and when you would like to schedule the edits.

On the scheduled start date for your edits, I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal, based on the word count of the manuscript you’ve submitted. Payment is due before I send you the completed edits. Edits are usually completed within 1-2 weeks, depending on the length of your novel. When you schedule the edits, I can give you a more specific time frame.