Friday Feasts! – Almond Butter Bread


I found this recipe a few years ago and made it a few times. Recently I’ve been trying to cut back on carbs and eat more homemade foods, so I dug up this recipe and man has it been hitting the spot! I like it even more now than I did when I first came across it.

Whether you’re trying to cut out grains, eat less carbs, or just find a simple and easy bread to bake at home, this recipe from delivers:

How I made it:

This bread bakes sort of like zucchini or banana bread, but not as sweet. The mixture that you pour into the pan is more like a batter than a dough, which is awesome because you don’t have to knead it or wait for it to rise. Just combine ingredients, stir, and bake! And when it’s all baked through, it has a texture more like a soft wheat or oat bread.

My bread loaf pan is 8x4 on the bottom and this recipe doesn’t fill it completely. So my loaf came out a little short for sandwich bread. That’s okay because I mostly like to spread it with butter, jam, and/or cheese, so the size and shape don’t matter. But you’d probably want to use a smaller loaf pan or increase the recipe to get bigger slices for sandwiches.

                               Top view!

                               Top view!

Julie Tweaks:

I’ve tried a few different grain-free bread recipes and this is by far the best I’ve found. However, like all the recipes I’ve tried, it does come out tasting a little “eggy”, due to the large quantity of eggs usually called for in these recipes. Normally you can cut out some of the eggs, so I tried this recipe with 4 eggs instead and it’s perfect! 4 eggs are enough to keep this bread moist and delicious, but not taste eggy. I’m guessing it’s because this uses a decent amount of almond butter (3/4 cup is about half of most jars, so, if you’re lazy like I am, you can just use half a jar instead of measuring it out separately), it keeps it softer than most recipes that use a combo of almond meal and coconut flour.

I also tend to prefer ghee as my oil source, so this last time I made the recipe, I swapped out the coconut oil for melted ghee. I don’t think this makes a huge difference, but I like it a little better this way.


I’ve been pretty obsessed with this bread lately. It’s great with some room temperature Kerrygold butter and raspberry jam. It’s also great with brie and sliced strawberries. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have something healthy on hand that you can quickly snack on and feel satisfied.

Check it out and let me know how you like it! I’m thinking of trying to bake it into rolls and other shapes in the near future 😊